International cooperation International cooperation

International cooperation

Based on cooperation agreements the Paying Agency has close relationship with several agencies.

Aim of the agreements are to provide an opportunity for discussing theoretical and practical professional issues arising in connection with EU agricultural market aid Paying Agency tasks and taking common initiatives and undertakings within the scope of CAP 2014-2020 schemes. In the framework of the agreements parties cooperate in mutual administrative assistance, in particular in the area of implementing direct payments, rural development, ex-ante control and other measures including the payment and accounting processes.

We take part in undertaking joint initiatives for the EU candidate countries and third countries.

Paying and Intervention Agency for Agriculture, Romania (APIA)

Duration of the cooperation: 07. 12. 2013–07. 12. 2017. (Continuously since 2007)

/2011.12.7-8. MVH-APIA(RO) egyuttmukodes meghosszabbitasa Budapest 2.JPG

Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Croatia (PAAFRD)

Duration of the cooperation: 19. 11. 2013–19. 11. 2015

/2013.11.19. MVH-PAAFRD(HR) egyuttmukodes alairasa Zagreb.JPG

National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania (NMA)

Duration of the cooperation: 12. 09. 2012–13. 11. 2016.



The Agency of Interventions and Payment for Agriculture, Republic of Moldova (AIPA)

Duration of the cooperation: 23. 03. 2012–23. 03. 2013

The agreement will be prolonged on 3th December 2014.

To cover the costs of working group meetings to be held within the framework of the agreement ARDA has signed a grant agreement with the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade and Ministry of Agriculture for the period of 01.11.2014-30.11.2015.


Agricultural Market Agency, Poland (ARR)

Duration of the cooperation: 31. 03. 2011–31. 03. 2015 (continuously since 2006)