Europe Aid projects (service contracts) Europe Aid projects (service contracts)

Europe Aid projects (service contracts)

Europe Aid projects (service contracts)

Strengthening Montenegrin agriculture with establishing Land Parcel Identification System

Identification number: EuropeAid/136895/DH/SER/ME 
Beneficiary country: Montenegro
Budget: 850 000 EUR


Technical Assistance for Training Staff on IACS Procedures (National programme for Turkey 2011 Part-II under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance — Transition Assistance and institution building component/2011.)
(tender got shortlisted)

Identification number: EuropeAid/ 135089/D/SER/TR
Beneficiary country: Turkey
Budget: 1 500 000 EUR


Development of a sustainable information system for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
(tender got shortlisted)

Identification number: EuropeAid/133838/DH/SER/RS
Beneficiary country: Serbia
Budget: 1 500 000 EUR


Agriculture Information system upgrade and establishment of data exchange systems between Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and other relevant institutions

Identification number: EuropeAid/135116/IH/SER/MK
Beneficiary country: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Budget: 700 000 EUR


Further support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development to strengthen administrative structure for implementation and monitoring of national and future EU funds
(tender got shorlisted)

Identification number: EuropeAid/133794/DH/SER/XK
Beneficiary country: Kosovo
Budget: 1 000 000 EUR


External Quality Control under Digitization of Land Parcel Identification System
(tender awarded)

Identification number: EuropeAid/132338/D/SER/TR
Beneficiary country: Turkey
Budget: 4 084 000 EUR

Beginning of implementation: 13 October 2014. 
Duration of project: 26 months

Consortium partners: 
- Agrotec S. p. A. Italy
- Vialto Consulting Ltd. Hungary 
- Abaco S. p. A. Italy
- Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (ARDA) Hungary 
- Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI) Hungary

The objective of the project is to contribute to the objective of Turkey for having an area based agricultural support system in line with EU best practices and EU acquis through the full establishment of IACS and establishment and implementation of LPIS in the whole country where through such system, all available agricultural land in the country will be recorded, un/misclaimed areas will be identified, the payments will be directly addressed to the farmers together with creating a base for the management of environmental and rural developing actions.

Implementation of the project has started with the kick-off meeting held on 14 October 2014 in Ankara, Turkey.