International activities International activities

International activities

The Hungarian Paying Agency is involved in a wide scale of international activities. Besides international cooperation with other Paying Agencies, the Hungarian agency takes part in several European Union projects.

Based on cooperation agreements the Paying Agency has close relationship with several agencies.

During the successful Hungarian-Moldavian cooperation project between the former Hungarian paying agency ARDA (Agricultural and Rural Development Agency) and AIPA (Agency of Interventions and Payment for Agriculture) supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary that was signed on 3rd December 2014 a couple of interesting and important meetings were organized in Hungary and also in Chisinau.

The first meeting was organized in Hungary, where general issues and tasks of the EU paying agencies were discussed. Further more the best practices (financial mechanisms, application management, entitlement and selection criteria) connecting to rural development supports of IPARD were presented.

Hungary hosted the second meeting as well, which was organized between 24-27 February 2015. The topic of the four-day visit was the introduction of the internal audit system. The Moldavian colleagues got an insight in the processes of planning of human resources, risk analysis and information control and got acquainted with the requirements of the qualification of internal auditors. Strategic planning, sample selection and the process of making annual report came up during the visit.

The following, third meeting took place in Chisinau in April 2015. The subject of the visit was the presentation of financial processes: the steps of the preperation of the financial plan, the most important questions of accounting, the process of claim management and the implementation of payments.

The fourth and last meeting of the long-haul cooperation between ARDA and AIPA was arranged between 2-5 of June. At this final meeting of the project the most important questions and observations about on-the-spot-controls came up and LEADER projects were presented as well. Connected to a field visit a one-day trip was also organized for the Moldavian colleagues. According to the feedbacks it turned out to be very useful and interesting. During the cooperation many questions arised from each party and everyone learned best practises and will use each other’s good methods in the future. The successful cooperation will continue and fruitful, informative workshops and meetings will be organized.


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