About the Hungarian Paying Agency About the Hungarian Paying Agency

About the Paying Agency

The Hungarian Paying Agency is the only Paying Agency for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Hungary, and is responsible for the implementation and execution of all kinds of agricultural and rural development support schemes, irrespective of their financial resource (EU, national or co-financed) or the type of the measure (public intervention, direct payments, investment-type or market measures etc.).

As such, its duties include the management of CAP agricultural aid schemes, the processing of support applications, the performance of necessary administrative and physical controls, and the allocation of funds to the Beneficiaries. 


The Paying Agency fulfills the duties related to:

  • the operation of the regulation tools of certain CMOs;
  • in respect of the Guarantee Section of EAGGF;
  • the management of the internal market supports of the EU;
  • the management of the external market supports of the EU;
  • the operation of the intervention system;
  • the management of direct payments and the operation of the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and its further development;
  • the operation of the Market Information System, and the (accompanying) measures of rural development;
  • the development as well as the implementation of the measures of the paying agency in respect of supports and measures financed from the EAFRD and EAGF replacing EAGGF, as well as in respect of other measures;
  • the supports allocated from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF), based on the instructions of the managing authority of the EFF;
  • the maintenance and financial closure of the rural development measures participating in the implementation of ARDOP as intermediary organization;
  • maintenance related to the operation of the SAPARD supporting system;
  • the utilization and implementation of certain national supports.


The Paying Agency operates:

  • the customer recording system,
  • the recording and checking systems aimed at managing the measures,
  • the Land Parcel Identification System,
  • the national GIS records on vine-lands,
  • the intervention store register,
  • the records system of low amount (de minimis) agricultural supports,
  • the monitoring data recording system.